the fine print

Save the Date..

You want to secure your Date with a international high class companion outside of Hamburg? A Downpayment on our “together Time” gives both of us the needed Security.

Nothing is more sexy , than knowing our Date is secure and safe in every aspect.   

Banktransfer is the way to go, i will email you the Details as soon as possible.  

Simply ask me 😉

YEESS, I love to visit you anywhere in the world, but I would need a couple of days to coordinate our Time planned, with my “fully dressed Job”.

Additional to Travelcosts, please consider accommodation, if your schedule is to tight and it is not possible to wake up together.


Ok, something unexpected occurred? Sadly sometimes Things just happen and you need to cancel or postpone our Date ?

The Good News is , we will just leave your Deposit at Rest, until we agree on a alternative Date. The bad News is, that you have to be extra patient to enjoy the Maxine Experience.

In case of me being the one to have to cancel or postpone our sexy encounter, you will be refunded full, if we cannot agree on an alternative Date.