blonde Independent Escort Girl


Yes, please! Most definitely is one of the highest qualities. My Lovers just know they can rely on me in this and many more aspects.

What happens between us , stays between us ,only.

  • What should the perfect Gentleman be like ?

I really feel drawn to you , if you have a good sense of Humor, have a generous mindset,

are grown and at the same time relaxed in any aspect, basically simply sure of yourself.

A good Sexdrive should not be missing either  😉

  • Favorite Drink ?

I love Champagner in any form or variation.

Be it in the shape of a bottle in a cooler, as part of my very own „special invention“,

a Cocktail, or Aperitif.

Also my favorites are „Golden Dream“ and „ Basil Smash“,not to be forgotten „Latte Macchiato“…have you seen my „Latte Machiato Oracle“ on Twitter ?

  • My Weaknesses ?

Gentlemen with grey temples… mmh, and if you have this „smirk“ in you eyes, I am absolutely driven, it will make me go oooohlala…

Chocolates ( of course) as truffle or praline.

Oilbaths and massages are another craze of mine .

  • Artic or Tropic ?

Always, always the Beach, Sun and Ocean, or Pool, it cannot be too hot and wet for me …

  •  Who is a Schnuggie?

Schnuggies are Gentlemen I absolutely favor and adore, my Favorites 😉 These Guys simply made me feel so good and connected so well, I would not want to miss them.

Gifts ?

Yessss please, I simply love it, if you try to put a big smile on my face .

spoil Maxine…

If your question is still not answered…